The concessional examination was abolished in 1978 with the implementation of the course unit system in Nigerian universities in the 1977/78 session, and admission to universities was consolidated through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. Every year, more than one million applicants seek admission to universities that have a capacity of about 250,000. This history sets out the need for a Science Pre-degree Programme that will act as a forum for equipping prospective students for university entry, providing them with a strong head-start and fostering superior university studentship.


APPLICATION FEE: #15,000 + #330(Transaction Fee)

TUITION FEE: #350,000 + #2,000(Transaction Fee)

Philosophy Of The Programme

The Pre-degree Programme is believed to encourage individual self-development and to correct the shortcomings in the ability to obtain sufficient instruction from Senior Secondary School in order to effectively pursue a standard University Programme.



It is believed that the Pre-degree Programme will promote individual self-development and remedy the deficiencies carried over from the secondary school in the ability to speak, read and write and to receive instruction in order to successfully undertake a university programme.

Objectives Of The Programme

The objectives of the Pre-degree Programme are to:

    • Source superior students for the degree programs at the university and curb the high dropout rate from the university;
    • Improving analytical and independent learning skills and encouraging students’ academic growth as well as oral and writing skills
    • Ensuring adequate training of qualifying graduates of secondary school for university work

Mode of Study

The mode of Study for the First Technical University Pre-degree programme is HYBRID (Combination of Face to Face and Online Learning)

  • Face to Face Learning – at the First Technical University Pre-degree floor 2, Distance Learning Centre, Ajoda Campus, Ibadan
  • Online learning – Tech-U Pre-degree Online Learning Platform

Structure of the Programme

The programme runs for two contact periods both within nine calendar months. The end of the programme precedes the beginning of the university academic session. The curriculum is structured into two contact periods each of 18 weeks with five contact hours per week for English and three contact hours per week for other subjects. There will be a three-week break between the first and second contact periods and two weeks of revision and examination at the end of each contact period.

  • 6-week teaching
  • 2-week mid-contact test
  • 5 weeks for more teaching
  • 2 weeks for revision and examination
  • 3-week break before second contact.